Who would be a good coach for the Suns, if they move on from Monty Williams?

Monty Williams has been absolutely crucial for the Suns ascent into relevance, he was exactly the kind of leader that their group of young players needed in 2019. But its 2023 now and the Suns aren’t a terrible franchise just hoping for a playoff appearance. They’re expected to win games, and the fact of the matter is, Williams just isn’t a good in-game coach. He’s bad at X’s and O’s, sets up horrible rotations, and can’t call a good timeout to save his life.

He gives me major Dwayne Casey vibes, where the Raptors became far more formidable, the second he was fired. So, the question becomes, who would be the Nick Nurse to Monty Williams’ Dwayne Casey. Who is a coach that is realistically attainable, who could come in and have an immediate positive effect on the Suns?

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