The Kings are on pace for 50 wins

By far, over half way through the season, the biggest surprise in the standings are the Kings. Sitting comfy in the 3rd seed of the west, with a 29-21 record, the Kings are poised to end the biggest playoff drought in NBA history.

Not only that, but their “best case scenario” of 40 wins said prior to the start of the season looks like a lock. In fact, they are on pace for 50 wins having the 10th easiest strength of schedule left in the league.

Ever since the first month or two in the season, I’ve been watching the standings to see when the Kings would finally regress back to the mean. I thought it was a fluke early season run like the Jazz had or how the Magic had a year back. But now, with just 30 games left in the season I don’t think that’s a fair argument.

Any general thoughts on this Kings team that many thought were a 7-12 seed prior to the season? Is it possible they make real noise in the playoffs?

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